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Lynn Roberts Biography

Those of us who have been privileged to share musical moments with Lynn Roberts, are grateful that she has prevailed as one of the few stars too bridge the decades. Her dedication and success have provided us with a legacy of an endless flow of wonderful music from the Big Band era to the present. It takes only one short session with her to convince anyone, that Lynn Roberts is their favorite singer, and one of the super songbirds of all time.

Lynn started her exciting career with Charlie Spivak at the age of 15. Songbird Roberts spent one year with Charlie, a year with Vincent Lopez, five years with Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, ten years with Benny Goodman and four years with Harry James. She also shared the spotlight with Sammy Kay for a year and a half, on the ABC-TV show “Music From Manhattan.” Lynn also sang with the Pied Piers for many years. Her career momentum led her to stellar performances throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Israel. Many famous clubs became routine stops on her busy schedule; the Café Rouge at the Statler Hotel in Manhattan, the Coconut Grove and the Palladium in L.A., and the renowned Paramount Theatre in New York with the fabulous Dorsey Brothers and Frank Sinatra. Lynn’s distinction of being the only girl singer to have sung with all the superstar band leaders.

In 1978 producer Michael Bennett featured her as “Marlene” in the Broadway production of “Ballroom.” It was there that the critic Rex Reed said “Lynn Roberts sings like an angel, and the way she handles “Dreams”, the evenings best song, is a thing of pure beauty.

In recent years Lynn has performed with over 40 symphonies throughout the U.S. and Canada, featuring Lynn in major productions ranging from specials to Judy Garland, George Gershwin, Doris Day, Songs of World War II and tributes to Benny Goodman, Harry James, Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey.

Lynn released ”The Men in My Life”, a CD dedicated to the superstar band leaders with whom she has worked.

Back in the 60’s, Lynn worked with another student of the legendry Tommy Dorsey. They were studio performers in New York City singing commercials and Doc Severensen blowing his trumpet in the background. Like Lynn, he paid his dues in those recording studios and she and Doc became friends. After his retirement from the tonight show, Doc toured the world with his “Big Band” show and yes he chose Lynn Roberts as his featured singer. They are still performing with symphony’s here and abroad.

Well… she is still pretty as her pictures and enjoying the best “voice” of her career constantly winning over a growing number of fan club listeners throughout the world. Recently, she performed in England, and they gave a wonderful interview with the late Benny Goodman on the BBC Radio Network in London.

There has been considerable speculation as to the reason why Lynn Roberts has not become a household name among big band fans, even though she has enjoyed a wonderful career spanning over 65 years. The most probable answer is that her birth date put her on the music scene just at the end of the flood of recordings and radio shows which highlighted the era.

Make no mistake, the Songbird is still going strong and singing better than ever. Last year she released her new CD “I’ll Never Stop Loving You”, a collection of love songs that will pull the heartstrings. Lynn asked Doc Severensen to listen to it and, afterwards he insisted on writing the liner notes.

Over the last 20 years, Lynn has been asked to record a Christmas Album. Well, it is finally here!She assembled some of the all time great musicians, led by her musical director, an unparalleled pianist, Bob Alberti, along with one of the most versatile musical talents in the world, Bill Prince, coupled with a new and amazing young guitarist, James Hogan, also Charlie Silva, an incredible bassist and on drums, her very talented grandson Zachary Campbell. This recording will bring you joy, make you smile and maybe even shed a tear or two remembering some of your own Christmas’s from the past.

Once you have seen and heard Lynn and reflect upon the grand period called the “Big Band Era” you will place the name Lynn Roberts right at the top and consider yourself lucky to have found her at last.